Advanced Periodontics

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Teeth in a Day

This innovative procedure allows you to transition from complete edentulism or failing teeth to a complete set of non-removable teeth mounted on implants- all in the span of one day.

Dental implant surgery often requires several surgeries and multiple visits to the dentist, thus making it a complicated, drawn out process. However, by electing this procedure, you are able to experience fantastic results from a much simpler procedure.

To begin the process, you will visit our office for a consult with one of our doctors. After the consult, a customized prosthesis will be fabricated for use immediately after surgery.

On the day of the procedure, implants will be surgically placed to support the permanent, full arch of teeth. Once this process is complete, the customized prosthesis will be placed and fitted for comfort, and you will leave our office with a brand new smile!

Once the surgical sites have completely healed, a permanent bridge will be created from a new impression of your mouth and then permanently fixed to the gums.